Thursday, April 21, 2005

creation of the universe

corret me if im wrong but i have yet to have seen any blogs dealing with the creation of the universe.

first, let us presume that life on earth did evolve from bits of organic compounds fused together by lightning. let us now assume that the one upon a time, a long time ago (couple of trillion years or so), in a land (or more specifically space) far far away (at the centre of the universe) a massive ball of hydrogen, helium and some other heavier compounds exploded in what we know as the big bang and set motion to a process that created the universe.

let us now ponder where this massive ball of stuff came from.

theory 1-> since einstein (assuming that he is correct) stated that mass is proportional to energy through its relationship with the speed of light, it could have been possible that the pre-big bang ball was actually energy which was reacting the extremeties of einsteins relativity and turned into plasma (i.e. matter) which condensed into the lightest of elements (i.e. hydrogen) which cause nucleosynthesis to occur, resulting in the big bang, which created the universe, which eventually led to life and a supposedly ever expanding universe.

if you re a believer in pure physics and scientificv reasoning you might agree with this and then rest your case. But i want to diverge from the norm and play devils advocate on myself.

lets assume that all the stuff i have just said is true.

how can we now explain where this energy which started everything came from? two factors gave rise to this new theory of mine. and these two factors have nothing to do with the fact that i have given my self a headacheand that i have a MATH1051 exam tommorow .

but very quickly, theory 2 -> a higher existance (not jesus or buddah or allah or the force (lol))
at some point in time decided to release some energy which inturn created everything as we know it. (i dont know ...may be he(or she or it) lit his cosmic cuban cigar and its heat gave rise to the universe).

it must be real obious that i havent thought my second theory through very well.

i hope this sparks debate, but it will most probably bring in a lot of nasty comments about my typos, grammar and lame jokes.

by now